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Packed With Care is a family owned and operated shipping company located in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in shipping fragile and valuable items from Colorado to anywhere in the world. From priceless works of art to antiquities or highly sensitive electronic equipment, we are the company the experts call when their shipment needs to arrive safely!

 How we crate and ship antiques and heirlooms:  

At Packed With Care we are passionate about our customers items. Our number one priority is safe delivery of the items we are entrusted with. Thats why antiques & heirlooms are always packed on site at your location. When your items leave you, they are on the way to their destination not to a warehouse to sit around until they get packed. We feel a sense of responsibility not only to our customers but also to the craftsmen and women who created these pieces long ago. We show up, take measurements and build a custom packing solution at that time. This is by far the best way to handle these items. It allows us to get to know the piece and how they are constructed. From there, we formulate a plan to keep them safe while in transit. This way your treasures never travel without being 100% ready for the road. Finally, we use our trusted transport companies to deliver our shipments around the country or around the world.

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What sets us apart:


We believe that the best tool we have to insure a happy customer is communication. We do our best to explain the process of shipping your antiques and heirlooms before we start. We welcome questions and concerns because we know that once we address them, our customers are at ease.


We take photos of the treasures we are entrusted with throughout the entire process. We start with pictures before we even touch the piece. Then we photographically document each step of the packing process and finally pictures of the piece as we transfer the shipment to the transportation company. In the unlikely event that something gets damaged in shipping, there will be no question about the condition your items were in when they started their voyage.


Before we leave with your treasures you will be supplied with an insurance certificate that covers your specific items for this specific delivery. We can procure insurance certificates for items of almost any value.

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Phone: 303-324-8305

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