End of an era. Denver’s Sports Castle closes their doors

//End of an era. Denver’s Sports Castle closes their doors

End of an era. Denver’s Sports Castle closes their doors

Gart Brother’s Sports Castle


Photo Credit Denver Post John Prieto

I think I was in 6th grade when a great childhood friend of mine,  Mike Walker invited me to go to the Gart Brother’s Sports Castle. His mother worked at a travel agency that was located in the Castle and Mike told me we would get the backstage tour.

The age and stature of the building let you know that you were about to experience something special. It was Willy Wonka-esque.  Everywhere you looked, there was something cool even if you had no idea what it was. We walked by Bronco’s gear galore too his mom’s office where I had my first passport photo taken. I would not have an actual passport for 10 years or so but who cares, I was feeling like a big shot.

So with my head held high, I followed Mike to the ski equipment. I believe that is where I saw my first snowboard, which was cool. But what took my breath away was the indoor ski hill–a huge treadmill-like contraption you could ski on. There was a customer test-riding new skis making slow carving turns but staying stationary on the hill.

Credit Denver Post

Photo Credit Denver Post

What stands out in my mind the most was when Mike had me follow him to the top floor and out a small door.  That’s when I saw  the greatest basketball court in all of Colorado.  Perched on top of the roof of the Sports Castle was a full sized basketball court. The view was intense. You could get right up to the edge of the building and look down at the hustle and bustle below or gaze far into the distance.  I would later swear to my friends that I could see my house from up there, but back to the matter at hand. We played horse until Mike’s mom told us it was time to go.

I guess all good things come to an end but I will never forget the day we were Kings of the Castle.


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  1. Mike Walker April 22, 2016 at 1:51 am

    Gotta say… The times when we were kids, roller blading, paper routes and Kris Kross… We’re some of the best times of my childhood! This article made my day!! I hope you are well my friend…

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