Late Fathers Day Post

This photo of my father and I on a roof top was taken in Beuna Vista, Colorado. The photo was taken while we were sweeping a chimney in our top hats and tails. I can remember the neighbors coming out to see the show as my dad belted out Chim Chim Cher-ee and other classic [...]

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Shipping Historic Denver Architectural Piece

This fireplace surround  was designed by the Fischer and Fischer architectural firm for use in the Belcaro mansion, an important Building in Denver's history.  Built in 1931 the Phipps family commissioned  this 33,000 square foot home to provide jobs during the Great Depression. The home has some seventy rooms, one of which was specifically for [...]

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Shipping hand carved stone planter

  This stone planter presented an interesting set of challenges. It needed to be crated. Fine. It weighs 132lb. Cool.   Here’s the catch-- it needs to ship with FedEx Ground and they won’t accept  any package over 150lb. I do the math--18lb. I think I can make a crate for it that weighs less than [...]

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Shipping The Leonardo da Vinci bicycle

When your job is to ship people’s treasures around the world, you get to see some interesting items.  This oak bicycle was made in the style of the Leonardo da Vinci bicycle sketch. There are questions as to whether the sketch was made by da Vinci around 1500, making him the inventor of the bicycle [...]

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Open For Business

Its time….. In the past I have worked for some of the finest shipping companies in Denver. Working for a great guy named Keith, I learned all about shipping fine art and antique furniture. We had more fun than should be allowed while collecting a paycheck. At my last job, with Re-Steel, I got an [...]

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