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In the past I have worked for some of the finest shipping companies in Denver. Working for a great guy named Keith, I learned all about shipping fine art and antique furniture. We had more fun than should be allowed while collecting a paycheck.

At my last job, with Re-Steel, I got an education in shipping extreme loads. Did you know you could send an 8 foot by 20 foot crate that weights as much as two family cars by Next Day Air?     You can. Re-Steel plays a critical role in the manufacturing of the Boeing 787 and even NASA’s space shuttle fueling system.

But the biggest lesson I learned was to offer customers something they can’t find anywhere else.
That brings us to my new company, Packed With Care. We have structured everything we do to limit the risk of damaging what we are shipping. From the selection of materials we use, to the fact that we bring our workshop to your location. The best way is the only way we operate. The other core belief we have is that clear communication is the best tool we have to insure customer satisfaction. If you don’t know exactly how we will protect and transport your items, we haven’t done our job.

IMG_1720It is with these values in the forefront of our mind that we open our doors for business. We offer a wide range of services from packing your belongings for a local move to shipping art or motorcycles internationally. Please contact me to discuss your project.

Nathan Parmenter 303-324-8305

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